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Business Management Services
The Power and Process Construction Community

If you are frustrated in getting a clear handle on the status of your projects
Or if you have issues in knowing where your projects are projected to complete
In time to take corrective action –
Then contact us. We’ll help you bring predictability to your projects

Managing to the Bottom Line – That’s What We’re All About

Project Management Support
Construction Management Support
Project Delivery Enhancement
Risk Management Support
Constructability Reviews
Outage Readiness Reviews
Construction Cost Estimating
Due Diligence Reviews

But when it’s beyond help and headed to, or already in litigation, we also can help you make sense of what happened and whether there is enough evidence to help you prevail in your claim.

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40% to 50% of All Major
Construction Projects
Run Longer Than Planned
and Incur Significant
Cost Overruns
(per CMAA)


For a Project to Be
a Success, You Must
Plan the Work

And Then
Work the plan

To Result in This
Dave Gates Generating Station
NorthWestern Energy
Mill Creek, Montana
Courtesy of Shaw Engineering Group

We Can Work With You
To Make This Happen